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Boredom Buster Day Trips for Kids

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Summer is almost here and that only means one thing. Moms will be hearing the phrase "I'm bored!" I remember hearing it plenty while raising my kids and now hear my grandkids saying it. My suggestion is to get out of the house and do some day tripping! Before you get overwhelmed at the thought of planning, packing, and chasing kids all day; I encourage you to read my simplified ideas.

Prepping to Go

I wrote an article called 15 Minute Prep for Day-Tripping With the Fam which I recommend you read, as preparation of getting your car ready for daytrips at the spur of the moment. It will save you much stress and give you incentive to spontaneously gather the fam into the car when boredom creeps in and you all need to get out of the house!

Five Day Trips for Kids 1. Water is an obvious choice in the summer. Whether a local pool or splashpad, a local lake or a beachfront, heading out to the water is a great option. Keep swimsuits, towels, and floaties in a designated area to reduce stress.

2. Follow a foodie trail in your state. Hotdog and ice cream trails are especially fun for kids. If you can't find a trail in your state, why not enlist the help of the kids and make your own trail to follow throughout the summer?

3. Call another mom (or two) and meet at a park for lunch and an afternoon of playing backyard type games such as Duck-Duck-Goose, Steal the Bacon, and Capture the Flag. Another fun idea is to play musical 'towels' as a variation of musical chairs.

4. Try local pick-your-own options at a local farm. Kids of all ages will enjoy picking all types of fruits and veggies. Older kids can help make yummy treats with the plucked goodness after returning home.

5. Go to a local park with an easy walking trail and go for a hike. To keep kids busy while hiking, create (or download) a nature Scavenger hunt and print one for each kid. Be sure to take along a paper bag for them to collect the items in (pine cones, rocks, maple leaf etc.)

Summer Bucket List for Kids

Need more ideas than those listed above? I recommend you research and create a parent-approved bucket list of fun attractions within driving distance and plan a day a week. Try letting kids take turns picking the destination of the week from the bucket list.

While on the Day Trip

  • Be sure to take lots of pics as memory-makers.

  • Other than picture taking, put the phones away and be fully present in the moment of the day. Before you 'blink', the kids will be grown and the memories are what will be left.

And Finally...

You know the drill. Keep everyone hydrated. Keep the sunscreen on. Provide a shelter or umbrella for shade breaks. Laugh off the small stuff and don't let it spoil the day. Have fun!

Don't forget to check my blog on how to Go Day-Tripping with only 15 Minutes of Prep!


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