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Welcome to Fierce Calling! In this episode, Finding Hope: Navigating Dysfunction and Difficulties in Life with Dr. Mel Tavares, Dr. Mel opens up about her personal journey, filled with difficult choices, challenging relationships, and health issues.

Despite these hardships, Dr. Tavares has dedicated her life to supporting and empowering women facing similar struggles. 

Dr. Mel Tavares is a wife, mum, grandma, author, teacher, and speaker. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling. Mel is a Board Certified Mental Health Coach, a Suicide Prevention Instructor, and a certified Professional Life Coach. On the surface, it may sound like she’s living an incredible life, but the truth is that she has walked some very difficult roads to get there.
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This week I am talking with Dr. Mel Tavares. Listen as we dive into the hot topic of mental health and wellness in the Christian community and how the taboo subject keeps many bound in depression and anxiety.  


Listen as Mel shares keys to overcoming adversity and always be filled with hope that circumstances will change for the better. 

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Do you feel tired of struggling through life’s tumultuous storms? Have you encountered challenges that leave you feeling discouraged and lost? You are not alone. Listen as Mel shares keys to overcoming the storms of life. 

Do you need hope and tangible steps on how to 
overcome all you are facing? Listen as Mel shares 

keys to finding hope and overcoming circumstances.

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Interested in having Mel guest on your podcast? There's no one who has not been impacted by the events we find ourselves living in! Anxiety, depression, fear of the future, and feelings of hopelessness are common, even in the church. Grief, loss, crisis, and trauma are all real after-effects of the pandemic and the uncertainty we now live in.  Children are struggling and parents are struggling to parent while battling their own challenges.


Giving doable strategies is Mel's specialty! Topics can be tailored to your theme. 

If you are interested in having Mel as your guest, please email her at

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