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There's no one who has not been impacted by the events we find ourselves living in! Anxiety, depression, fear of the future, and feelings of hopelessness are common, even in the church. Grief, loss, crisis, and trauma are all real after-effects of the pandemic and the uncertainty we now live in. They need help in learning to overcome adversity and develop effective coping strategies to live successfully in this ever-changing world. (See a list of potential topics below)

Dr. Tavares has 30 years of ministry and public speaking experience. She is available to speak at your Ladies' ministry event, Bible study group, or retreat or be a guest on your podcast. Her personal experiences, education, research, professional life, and years of ministry have converged to give her insight into the many challenges of life. If you are interested in having Mel as your guest, please email her at


Click Here to Listen to the Circle 31 Podcast on Hope and Overcoming 



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Listen as Mel shares keys to overcoming adversity and always be filled with hope that circumstances will change for the better. 

Listen to the 'God-story' as Mel shares His faithfulness in her life time and again. 

Booking Options for Events

Option #1: I will travel to you and speak to your small group, large group, or at your conference. 

Option #2: Do you prefer to hold your meeting or training virtually? Zoom has become a go-to alternative to in-person and I am very comfortable presenting in the virtual world. 



$100 for 30-60 minutes

$500 for a Full Day Saturday

$750 for Fri Night/Saturday

*Travel expenses not included in the quoted rates. 

Do you have a need that hasn't been highlighted here? Please reach out via email and we can discuss what you have in mind!

Potential Topics
*Five types of loss that can cause grief. 

*Ten things you can do for your mental health.

*Five ways to find hope today. 
*Seven keys to overcoming adversity

These are just a few suggestions. I tailor to your needs, specializing in all topics related to finding hope in the midst of the ever-changing, uncertain world we live in.