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Coaching Services
*All coaching is Bible-based and Christ-Centered

                                  Dr. Mel Offers Coaching in 5 Areas of Expertise. 

Writing & Publishing 

I have 20 years industry experience and am an award-winning, multi-genre writer. I work with non-fiction writers, offering expertise and guidance in achieving their writing goals.
Non-fiction only. 

Work-Life Balance

I understand first-hand the difficulty of balancing a career and raising a family. Keeping your relationship with God first, followed by your spouse, followed by children is difficult when working in an office or remotely. Together, we will identify priority areas, look at time management, and create an action plan to keep first things first.

Mental Well-Being 

This is coaching, not counseling, although I have a 30 year counseling background. Coaching means I am helping you identify goals and set action steps to improve your overall mental well-being. (Does not take the place of any needed therapy or meds.)

Managing Life's Transitions

Seasons change, in the natural and in life. Sometimes we are able to plan ahead and sometimes circumstances change with no warning. Either way, we find ourselves needing to transition. I have both career and personal experience in effective transition planning. 

Rise Up & Conquer Your Day

This type of coaching is for those who have experienced life events that have kept them 'on the mat' and unable to move forward. I will walk with you through the R.I.S.E.U.P. process and develop an action plan to help you take steps to conquer your days. 

What to Expect

I offer 5 niche areas of coaching. Each offers the outcome of helping you clarify your goals and begin to live the life you dream of. As a coach, I do not give medical or legal counsel, nor do I mandate a course of action.  Rather, I come alongside of you to help you achieve and improve, according to your life goals. I have both personal and professional experience in each niche area, in addition to academic training. 


Please email me and let's set up a complimentary coaching session to talk about your goals, dreams, challenges, and how I can help you reach your next level! No sales pressure, I promise! If you are satisfied and are ready to move forward, I will invoice you so we can get started! Email me at and put 'Complimentary Coaching Session' in the subject line. Please let me know what type of coaching you are interested in! Thanks so much and I look forward to serving you! 

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