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Dr. Mel has 30 yrs. experience

Coaching Options

Currently Accepting Waitlist Clients. Openings Anticipated for early 2023

1-Overcoming Adversity (Everyone's Adverse Circumstances Vary)

What's your situation that keeps you from moving forward, from rising up? I have walked through a lot of tough circumstances personally, in addition to having 30 years of professional experience. You may feel knocked down, but I am here to help you take steps and get back up! *This is coaching, not counseling.

2-Purpose, Passion, and Person-Centered Planning (It's All About Your Goals)

Everyone has gifts, talents, goals, and dreams. Not everyone knows how to take steps to bring it all together to make it work. I have spent decades helping people create a person-centered plan that unfolds purpose and passion and creates achievable action steps that lead to reaching goals. I would love the opportunity to help you achieve yours! 

3-Non-Fiction Coaching (What's Your Next Step Toward Publication?)

Non-Fiction Writers-I am excited for you as you answer the call to write! I've over 20 years of experience in the industry and have helped dozens of non-fiction writers like you take the next steps in creating blogs, devotions, and books. Reach out, and let's map out a plan!   


Please send me an email and indicate your desired area of coaching and which month you are available!  

In-Person and Virtual Options.
Coaching Fees: $100* per hour (Payments accepted through PayPal)

Buy 4 sessions (1x a week/4 weeks) $400 investment in yourself and your future-Get Bonus sessions and Resources free!

*$100 an hour??? You might be thinking it is a bit steep! Is it, though? How much do you pay your mechanic? Home repair person? I have decades of experience, and if you are willing to put the work in, your $400 investment for the month of coaching will yield concrete results in your journey. 

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