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Dr. Mel Tavares

Wife. Mom to Seven. Grandma to Ten. Author. Teacher. Coffee Cup Coach. 

Survivor of Tempestuous Storms of Life. 

I love the beach, gardening, the firepit in the backyard, camping, reading, writing, and hanging out with family and friends over a cup of coffee. I also love going to dinner with my hubby. 

A Bit About Me

My ministry is birthed out of my own experiences. I've 'walked some roads', which includes growing up in a home with parents who were young and ill-equipped to raise kids. Therefore, I was left to figure most of my life out myself. I went to the University of Maine and spent subsequent decades with my nose buried in books. I married young and continued being ill-equipped to handle all life would bring my way, despite a textbook education. While I met the Lord in my twenties, I didn't understand much about the enemy of my soul and how to win spiritual battles. I became a self-taught warrior, reading every book I could find and listening to every radio show I could locate.


Before I understood the depth and breadth of spiritual warfare, I was battered around and on the ground often, but once I learned how to rise up each time-the game changed. I went from a victim to a victor. When a cancer diagnosis was given more than once, I engaged in spiritual warfare. Cancer diagnosis' didn't win the day.  Divorce didn't shatter me. Being a single mother and homeless didn't keep me down, even when I relocated to a new geographic area. When a multitude of loved ones died one after another, it was the Word of God that brought comfort.  Depression didn't take hold and destroy me. 


I have learned the keys to living a Christ-centered, joyful, and purpose-filled life, regardless of the circumstances I find myself facing. I am settled in a new state, met my now hubby Joe and married 14 years ago, and adjusted to a blended family, a new church, and a new culture and way of life. 

I haven't walked every road you have, but I've walked far more than the glimpse I've given you here. As an author, speaker, and coach, I can give you direction from professional and personal experience. Learning to battle tough situations and learning to overcome the adversity of them gives me the passion for helping you rise up and overcome your circumstances. 

A Covergence of Passions

40 Years a Therapist/Counselor

45 Years a Writer

Whether working as a horticultural therapist, mental health counselor, program director, case manager, women's ministry leader, youth leader, writing books and articles, or any number of meetings over a cup of coffee-the common denominator is counseling. In 2019, I defended my dissertation on 'Today's Youth Culture' and earned

 my Doctorate of Ministry in Pastoral Care and Counseling. I am a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors (AACC). 

I have always loved writing as a means of communicating encouragement and truth to people. In middle school, I started a school newspaper and haven't looked back. I've written technical material, newspaper/journalist pieces, and freelance content; now I write as a Christian communicator via books, magazines, online websites, and training curriculum. 

33 Years of Ministry

I've served across the spectrum of local church ministry, always entailing elements of domestic and international missions. Included is over 20 years teaching children and teens in Sunday School, VBS, Five Day Clubs, Day Camps, Youth Groups, at retreats, and more. I currently serve on staff at my church, as a Pastoral Assistant. 

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