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15 Minute Prep for Day-Tripping with the Fam

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

Ever feel like it takes longer to get out the door than it is worth? Read these tips on how to leave in just a few minutes.

Family day trips in warm weather don’t have to be a planned out ordeal of packing the perfect snacks and the quintessential picnic, complete with a red-checked tablecloth. I’ve planned plenty of this style of day-tripping over the years and while they make for great insta-pics that other adults enjoy, it is my experience that kids don’t care or completely appreciate all of the effort.

Do you know what works just as well? Keeping a pile of picnic blankets and a crate of balls,Frisbee's, and sand toys in the trunk of the car! Store an extra bug spray and sunscreen in the glove compartment. Keeping an ample supply of paper products in a cooler and ice packs in the freezer are also essential for making a quick and easy get-away. If you have younger kids, keep a diaper bag packed for the car with all the essentials for daytripping. (Trust me, this will be one of your favorite life hacks)

Finally, create a bucket list of parks, historic sites, and family-oriented kids museums or theme parks. The bucket list will change as the kids grow and are able to tolerate longer drives and their interests change.

Leave in 3-2-1

At any point in time in warm weather, you can give a 15 minute warning to grab a backpack of personal items and head to the car.

3. While the family is gathering books, toys, phones, and earbuds; you can pull the ice packs from the freezer and drop them into the cooler.

2. Fill the cooler with some veggies, a knife, a cutting board, fruit, snack food that you have lying around, some bread and whatever sandwich fixings you have.

1. Decide which place you’re going to check out this time, and buckle up!

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