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Trust Him in the Storm

My 3 month battle is over. I said nothing about the battle this round, because this is either the 5th or 6th time in 20 years that I’ve had a doctor tell me they suspect cancer. More than once, there’s been a diagnosis-followed by a miraculous healing. The devil is a liar and a master at copycat. Was there ever cancer? The oncologists past say there was...

Every time there is a suspect situation, it has been just before God is ready to do something big in my life! I personally believe Jesus is alive and so is the devil-who comes to steal, kill, and destroy us. Why? To distract us and deter us from fulfilling the purposes of our life. The bigger the call and the more determined we are to answer the call-the bigger the bullseye on us. He knows what tactics work, and for me-he always hits me medically. This time is no exception. Our job is to recognize his tactics and engage him in a spiritual battle of prayer and fasting and speaking truth from the Bible. Note: I am not saying all cancer is from the enemy or that all we have to do is pray! I’m saying-in my case, this is reality. Others get hit financially or whatever.

I found a lump in my thigh 3 mos ago. During this COVID crisis, I didn’t want to see a doctor. It grew to the size of a baseball (there are witnesses). Finally I went to see the doctor May 15th. He used the phrase “It’s not this, this, this. I suspect sarcoma and we need to do a contrast MRI to see what we are dealing with.”

I wanted to collapse. I told Joe I didn’t want to fight another round. I reached out to friends in a couple of prayer groups and our office team at Victory Church for prayer. I met a friend for coffee. Not gonna lie. I was scared.

Something triggered in me and the warrior rose up. Still nervous but I knew it was an attempt of the enemy of my soul to to stop me from moving forward. I prayed so much and the stress created literal blisters on my lips. Victory was coming, but I didn’t know when. I had the MRI on the 19th and had to wait another 24 hours for the report.

Hallelujah!!! The explanation is ‘there’s a fatty tissue that seems to be stemming from a torn hamstring injury that didn’t heal.” Here’s the amazing part. Within 24 hours the baseball size lump had all but disappeared. (I have witnesses). Coincidence? Not to me! I think the devil lost again. God showed up, and the mass showed up as a fatty tissue.

I cannot describe the level of exhaustion that followed this battle-but suffice to say-the camping trip this past weekend was exactly what I needed. What are the take-away points from this experience? First, I’ve had to learn to trust the Lord at a greater level than ever before. In times past, there’s been the ability to reverse a diagnosis through prayer and fasting AND a lifestyle change. Not this time. My best research efforts resulted in the same roadblock: If it is sarcoma, diet and lifestyle do not contribute to its’ formation nor will sarcoma respond to naturopathic options. No choice was left but to throw myself on the mercy seat of the living God. There are more points, which I will bring out in future writings. But, for now, I just need to rest as I have yet to fully recover from the magnitude of this experience.


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