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The Resurrected King is Resurrecting Me

It's a week with many names 'Easter Week', 'Resurrection Week', or 'Holy Week'. Like many other people, I take time to reflect on the true meaning of the week and the impact on my life.

It is widely known that Jesus is the Resurrected King. If we will bow to the one who wore our sin and shame with a crown of thorns, He will do the miraculous for us. Do you need a miracle this week? Are you in need of resurrection?

Do you know that He can resurrect you? Like Job of the Bible, who was resurrected from the ash pile of despair, like the dry bones resurrected in the valley of death, like the son of the widow resurrected from the dead; the Lord Jesus is continually resurrecting those who cry out to Him.

Many are feeling defeated and in despair this week. While the media reports the COVID pandemic is nearly over and the vaccine is touted to be the savior, people are still in fear and still feeling the impact the pandemic has left behind. Officials would have citizens believe The Great American Rescue Plan will be the savior for those facing financial ruin, yet many find they do not qualify for the help they desperately need. Grief and sorrow threaten to swallow any shadow of hope left in the wake of a year like none other in the last hundred years. We need a better savior, a better rescue plan than what the world can offer us.

Jesus is that Savior, capitol S. He is the Rescue Plan. He is the one who pulls us up from the ashes of defeat and allows us to have a hope that is found in the eternal truths of the Bible, not the circumstances of this world. If you do not know Jesus, I encourage you to read this quick explanation of Jesus, Plain and Simple.

If you do know Him, rise up! It's Resurrection Week! The three days between crucifixion and resurrection were for you! He fought the battle, stormed the gates of hell, and took the keys of death for you! He did it for you, believe that! The work is finished. Now, it is your choice to believe and apprehend all He has done for you!

The Bible is filled with promises given to us, of a hope and a future. His eye is on the sparrow. You will be taken care of. His plans for you are good. You can be sure that the work He has started in you will be finished. Stand firm on the promise that He will work all things together for your ultimate good. He who owns the cattle on a thousand hills is more than able to meet your needs. He can heal your disease. He can restore fractured relationships. Lift up your voice and give a shout of praise to Jesus, because your Resurrected King wants to resurrect you, restore you, and reconcile you!

The Resurrected King is resurrecting me. He is no respecter of persons. What He's doing for me, He will do you! It's Resurrection Week, brothers and sisters in Christ. Don't let another day go by sitting on the ash pile of despair and hopelessness. Rise up, rise up! Ask Jesus to resurrect your situation and turn it to good!

It's Resurrection Day for you, just as it was for Jesus over two thousand years ago!


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