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Stop Dreaming and Start Doing

The primary difference between dreamers and doers is the ability to set goals and accomplish them.

I'm not talking about the lofty, unattainable dreams. I might dream of being a pro-basketball player, but that's not going to happen. I'm too old, and when I was young, I wasn't skilled. It shall forever remain just that-a dream. I'm talking about the type of dreams that can be reached, if you'd only stop dreaming and start doing.

Dreams that can be achieved by doing include things like becoming a professional in xyz field, creating a beautiful backyard, completing a degree, writing a book, starting your own business, or doing a new ministry.

In the next two minutes, you can take the first step to turning your dream into reality! How?

Write your dream down as a measurable goal! Examples: I am going to write a 100 page non-fiction book about my life.

I am going to earn my business degree.

I am going to start a micro-greens business.

Wait! There's something missing from these goals. They need a timeline attached to them! Without a time specific component, it is likely that the goal will remain only a dream. You'll think "Someday, I'm going to write that book." "Someday, I'll start taking college classes and get a degree." "Someday, I'd like to start my own business."

Someday. When will 'some day' come? When you stop saying 'some day' and put a time-line to the goal! I'm going to write 100 pages in the next 6 months. I'm going to enroll in college and take 4 classes this year. I'm going to meet with advisers and draw up a 24 month micro-green business plan.

Next, create an action plan. This will be a living document that will change over time. For now, simply list every step you can think of that is necessary to achieving the goal. Do you need to develop a skill-set, such as learning software? Do you need to find funding sources? Find someone to build an office or business space on your property? Whatever those steps are-write them down in priority order. These will be your mini-goals.

Finally, take the first step. Call the college and get details. Open a blank document or notebook and start writing. Contact an expert to discuss the ins and outs of growing micro-greens.

Of course, I've intentionally over-simplified the process. Why? Because often we don't start due to being overwhelmed with the entire thought. If others can achieve their dreams so can you! If I can, you can. You aren't too old, too busy, too_______. You fill in the blank. You have what it takes and there are plenty of resources and people to help you reach your dreams!


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