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Chase Away Those Winter Blues

Dr. Mel Tavares (C) 2024

Ever feel like winter is never going to end? Maybe you live in New England like I do, or you live on the rainy West Coast, or the northern mid-section of the country. In every coffee shop, conversations regarding 'being sick of winter' can be heard.

I don't suffer from Seasonal Affect Disorder, at least not officially. I'd more liken it to 'Cabin Fever'. For me, it's an overwhelming feeling of being suffocated by stale dry heat or of shriveling up like withering flowers desperate for sunshine.

Do you know the feelings of which I speak? Do you find yourself staring vacantly at the calendar, calculating how many more days until it's officially spring? Are you like me, in search for the first blade of green grass or the first crocus?

My recommendation is that you find an activity to do this week that will help chase away your winter blues. What works for me may not work for you. I know what I need when I get to this point. Moving window to window as the sun rotates around my house is no longer cutting it. I need to visit greenhouses and conservatories and soak in the tropical warmth. I need to smell the fragrance of flowers in full bloom, and hear the running water. I need to hear birds chirping and see fish swimming.

This past weekend, I found just such a place. A quick internet search of options nearby led me to the Roger Williams Conservatory in Providence, Rhode Island. Outside, the sun was shining but the wind chill had temps hovering in the teens. Inside, it was a welcome sunny 80 degrees. My husband and I wandered through, taking pictures of the tropical flora, birds, and fish and I felt my spirit lift.

What do you need? If you are someone who doesn't mind the cold, I recommend at least getting outside for a walk in the fresh air. Do you prefer mall walking? Coffee with a friend? (I met friends on three occasions this past week, which did wonders for the soul!)

A change of scenery will change your mood and improve your overall mental/emotional health. Don't just 'hang on' waiting for spring. Do something in the coming week that will chase those winter blues away!

Pro-Tip: I'm about to start my Pinterest gardening binge! I love to pin all sorts of ideas that I'll probably never implement, but it helps me chase the blues away! You can follow my journey on my 'All Things Gardening' Board. If you've got gardening stuff pinned, I'm likely to follow you back!


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