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Be Free From Anxiety

Are you feeling anxious? Do you feel overwhelmed? Not sure how to de-stress? Catch this timely podcast, released during (May) Mental Health Awareness Month.

Show notes:

"On this week's episode we are in Connecticut with Dr. Mel Tavares. Dr. Mel is a former journalist, a non-fiction author, wife and mother of 10. She holds a Doctorate of Ministry and is also a Board Certified Mental Health Coach.

This week we dive into the hot topic of mental health and wellness in the Christian community and how the taboo subject keeps many bound in depression and anxiety.

Dr Mel shares how to assess one's mental state in order to know when it's not just the Monday blues and when it's time to seek medical intervention. She also shares how those in the Christian community can offer more support to persons going through depression and anxiety.

It is my hope that this episode will cause us as the body of Christ to see how we can be more compassionate to our brothers and sisters who are facing mental health challenges." Connect with Dr. Mel at


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