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Equipping You to Thrive 

        Dr. Mel Tavares 

Learn to Thrive-Under 5 Minutes

Life is hard. I get that. Relationship challenges. Financial challenges. Parenting challenges. Emotional challenges. Faith challenges. The road gets hard, wearisome even. Still, we were made for more than
merely surviving from day-to-day. I have walked 'some roads' and gained some wisdom and insight along the way. I pray you will find hope and joy as we journey together along life's pathway.   Dr. Mel                                                                  
Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?

You were created to live an abundant, joy-filled, thriving life of purpose and passion. None of us are born knowing how to thrive. We have to learn. My goal is to equip you to live with more than you have now. Browse my site, buy the books, read the blogs, and reach out to me. 
                                                               Dr. Mel 


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