You Are My Passion
I am passionate about equipping you to thrive in your Christian walk.  Too many people are merely 'survive' in their jobs, in their marriages, their task of parenting, their social lives, and in the community. You were made for more. You were created with purpose. Intended to live an abundant thriving life. Physically. Emotionally. Spiritually. Relationally. 
No one is born equipped to thrive. We all need training. Until I intentionally set out to become equipped, I too was merely a survivor of whatever life brought me.
My intent is to provide some tools that will better equip you to thrive in your life. I provide a diverse set of tools and topics in several ways: 
*Blogs on this website
*Guest posts on other websites
*Books I write 
*Classes I teach
*Conferences I speak at (Virtual/In-Person)
*1-1 Encounters
Reach out to me through email or on social platforms. Grab one of my books (all non-fiction equipping books) Read the blogs here. Don't live one more day of mediocrity when you have a choice to start thriving!

Holding Plant

You can grow and begin to thrive, no matter what your current circumstances. Believe it. Invest in yourself. Become equipped. Start to thrive.