I'm just like you. A woman. A wife. A mom. (Now a grandma too). More importantly, I'm filled with dreams and passion.
What is it that you have a dream of doing? 
What is holding you back? Fear? Money? Time? Lack of knowing where to start? Lack of support? 
What is it that you would do if you knew you could not fail? If time was not an issue? If money were not an issue? 
You've found the right site! Here, you will find resources that can help you achieve your goals and dreams, pursue your passion, fuel your faith, and build your family. 
If I can, you can. I've pushed through the challenges,learned some life hacks, and achieved more than I imagined possible. I'm here to help!  #IfICanYouCan
About Me

I love people and would love to help you thrive in life. I'm old enough to have been down some roads...some good, some not so good. Coupled with training and education, my experiences have equipped me to equip you! 


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