We have the Freedom of Press and the Freedom of Speech. People need to hear what God has given you to speak and/or write!
Do you feel compelled to write? Has God given you ideas for a book or a blog spot? Writing to a hungry, thirsty world is a calling you cannot escape. If writing for Him is never far from your mind, why not answer the call today? How, you ask? Admittedly, there is a lot to learn about the writing and publishing industry and indeed I have spent two decades honing my skills and knowledge base. The great news is that you don't need to figure it out alone! Why re-invent the wheel? As an industry expert, I'd be happy to point you in the right (write?) direction and help you launch out and answer the call! Reach out to me! Dr. Mel 
Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?

You were created to live an abundant, joy-filled, thriving life of purpose and passion. None of us are born knowing how to thrive. We have to learn. My goal is to equip you to live with more than you have now. Browse my site, buy the books, read the blogs, and reach out to me. 
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