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The Resurrected King Is Resurrecting You

Dr. Mel Tavares Posted at Arise Daily April 10, 2023

Are you feeling defeated or in despair? You are not alone. Media reports generate a continual picture of doom and gloom causing fear of the future. Officials would have citizens believe initiatives will be the savior for those facing financial ruin, yet many find they do not qualify for the help they desperately need, in the midst of inflation at a 40 year high. Grief and sorrow threaten to swallow any shadow of hope left in the wake of a three-year stretch like none other in the last hundred years.

We need a better savior, a better rescue plan than what the world can offer. Jesus is our Savior. He is the Rescue Plan. He is the one who can pull us out of the ashes of defeat. He alone can give us the hope that is found in the eternal truths of the Bible, not in the circumstances of this world.

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