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I have over 20 years of experience in the industry as a professional writer, editor, and indie publisher. I've worked as an internet technical article writer, journalist, blogger, book ghostwriter, and proposal writer. In addition to the ten thousand plus paid writing gigs, I have authored my own books (Hybrid and Indie publishing) and have coached dozens of authors through the writing/publishing journey in a variety of genres. 
Want someone to sit down with you and coach you through the process of writing, publishing, and marketing your book? Zoom is used if distance or timing is a factor (and now the COVID-19 restrictions). The fee is $35 an hour. Payments through Facebook Pay or PayPal. 
BONUS: If you attend the virtual Greater Philly or the Colorado Writer's Conferences, I will be there as Faculty! Your conference fee includes the opportunity to meet with me for free. 
*I will also be in North Carolina at the Blue Ridge Mountain Writers Conference, but not as faculty. At least we could meet and say 'Hi' and grab a coffee. 
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Are You Thriving or Just Surviving?

You were created to live an abundant, joy-filled, thriving life of purpose and passion. None of us are born knowing how to thrive. We have to learn. My goal is to equip you to live with more than you have now. Browse my site, buy the books, read the blogs, and reach out to me. 
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