Mom Life can be Overwhelming!

Titus 2 gives the model for older women teaching younger women. I've been in your shoes, living the mom life and trying not to be overwhelmed. But life can be overwhelming, and your circumstances may make days even more overwhelming. 
I care about you and want to pass my expertise to you. My goal is to make your day just a little easier by equipping you to thrive. Here are a few of the topics I'd consider myself significantly experienced at and able to equip you in:

                       *Healthy Living in a Toxic World
                       *Easy meal planning and prep (I'm not Rachel Ray though)
                       *Homeschooling (I did it for 15 years) 
                       *Raising families in today's youth culture
                       *Spiritual Strength for ALL circumstances
                       *Becoming CEO of Your Home
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About Me

I love people and would love to help you thrive in life. I'm old enough to have been down some roads...some good, some not so good. Coupled with training and education, my experiences have equipped me to equip you! 


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