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If you are contemplating suicide, please immediately call, text, or chat
the national 
988 hotline! 


Dead Sea

There is always hope! Don't give up!

We don't see the future clearly and sometimes we lose hope, thinking it will never get better. Don't believer that lie!

Dead Sea


Talking to someone else changes perspectives!

Talking about your situation confidentially with a trained professional helps find hope and purpose!

Dead Sea


God cares and so do I!

God cares about you. He loves you. Sometimes we forget how much He loves us and that we are created for a purpose. Reach out to me if you need to talk.

You may find my blogs and podcast spots helpful to improving your mental well-being. Here's the page link: 
Dr. Mel Tavares
Board Certified Mental Health Coach
Certified Suicide Prevention Instructor
Board Certified Professional Life Coach

Member of:

American Association of Christian Counselors
International Christian Coaching Association


Let's Get Started

I will reach out to you soon!

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