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National Hotlines


Help for Homeless Veterans. Call 877-4AID-VET

Help for Female Veterans. Call 855-VA-WOMEN


National Domestic Violence Hotline. Call 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) 

National Teen Hotline.Text TEEN to 839863 6-9pm Pacific Time 

My lastest book is a tool to help you improve your mental well-being. *Not a replacement for treatment, counseling, or medication. Order here.

"This week, we dive into the hot topic of mental health and wellness in the Christian community and how the taboo subject keeps many bound in depression and anxiety.  

Dr. Mel shares how to assess one's mental state in order to know when it's not just the Monday blues and when it's time to seek medical intervention.  She also shares how those in the Christian community can offer more support to persons going through depression and anxiety."~Crystal Daye

Diary of a Jesus Girl Podcast.webp

Find a Support Group

Mental Health Coaching Available

Sometimes we need more than a support group or a book to read. Coaching simply means you've got someone to help you on your journey, to cheer you on, to help you identify next steps and move forward in life. I'm a Board Certified Mental Health Coach and am here to help you. 

Grief & Loss 

We all experience grief as we navigate losses in life. But, we aren't born knowing how to navigate life after loss. I'm here to help. 

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