We are all impacted by this pandemic. There is no getting around that reality. Many of us are affected by the virus personally, or know of someone who is. Some of us are front-line health care workers, and others have family
members who are. Some of us are essential workers, and others are dealing with unemployment.
We're resilient, as resilient as the marble in this background. We're strong. We are turning to God and
praying like never before. We're doing all we know to do to keep our families protected and homes disinfected, keep the kids fed and educated and active. We've shared ideas for family activities, for meals, for getting essential supplies and food. We're  all learning to practice social distancing, and many of us have been staying home for endless days. We've learned to Zoom to meetings and birthday parties. We are finding creative ways to help
neighbors and support the front-line workers. We are in this together. 
I'm proud of you! You are doing your part. No matter what part you are playing, however large or small, 
you are coming through this wretched pandemic and will be stronger and wiser on the other side. You'll
have learned new skills, have connected with your family in new ways, will have taken the time to reflect
and re-prioritize your world. You'll be the first one up on Sunday morning ready to get back to church 
that you've missed so much. You'll give tighter hugs and take nothing for granted, ever again. You'll be the
one resisting reverting back to the way life was and be the most determined to move forward with a greater
perspective and purpose. 
Hold tight. Reach out. It WILL end. We're all going to be OK! 
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I love people and would love to help you thrive in life. I'm old enough to have been down some roads...some good, some not so good. Coupled with training and education, my experiences have equipped me to equip you! 


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